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". . . we received your latest songs & I'll be playing that wonderful first cut ["Oh Bob"] on tomorrow's show."  
"'Blues II' just fit so well with the other songs I was playing I couldn't resist including it.  Your album ["dark"] is officially "added" as of last Friday & is now available to all our DJs." "It took a few listens, but I think "Long Way Down" is maybe the best cut on the album ["dark"] -- the structure of the song, the shared vocal leads & that harmony part all come together wonderfully.  "
MATTHEW FINCH, KUNM radio program "Ear to the Ground"
(April 2017 AND January 2018)


"A duo that spawns excitement with vocals, Haubrich's keyboards and Danielson's drum kit, while managing, at times, to sound like a much larger band."  "Though the title ["dark"] reflects the subject matter, the music is sweet"

MEL MINTER, ABQ the Magazine May 2017 issue


ADRIAN GOMEZ, ABQ Journal January 12, 2018


"I had a chance to listen to "Straight Outta Kittson" the other day, I loved it!  As professional musicians, Bob and Nancy have had lives the rest of us only see in movies.” 


ALBUQUERQUE the Magazine


ALISSA RANF, Sandia and High Desert Neighbors Magazine  (February 2016) 

"I checked out u're website. You have been creating some beautiful music. I love the Sinatra remake. Kool rhythmic take on it and your vocals are really good. Everything about the band is really good. Exceptional recording quality too . . .  I miss playing music with you."

CHRIS MATTHEOS, producer, bassist, songwriter, recording engineer (performs, 
records and tours with with seminal blues artist Bobby Radcliff) (August 2017)

“Hi Nancy Just a few lines to say hello and want to wish you the best in your music that I know you play very well. Good luck in the future and keep up the good work. your friend JJ Light. Take care and God Bless. (via email)”

JJ LIGHT ( Brave Hearted Woman) (May, 2016)

“Your great great songs brought my guitar intellect and passion!”

ROBBIE DUNBAR (guitarist on "Cold Rain" EP, from well known San Francisco Bay Area band Earthquake) (January 2016)

"Great job Nancy! Like the songs!" 

LORI RAE MARTIN, Audio Girl Productions (April 2017)